Quote1 Conversations about saliva are hence out of bounds until I have breakfast before me! Can't this spaceship go any faster? Breakfast! Give me breakfast! The Norse God of Mischief craves the congress of breakfast meat! Quote2
-- Loki

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  • "Patriot"

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Synopsis for "Breakfast Meet"Edit

The Young Avengers have spent the last three months roaming the galaxy dealing with juvenile delinquents, honing Wiccan's magic, and trying to avoid their parents. Hulkling continues to worry that Wiccan is warping reality to make him love him. Loki starts to get grossed out about conversations involving saliva until fed. Inside the diner, Prodigy shows up and tells them that Wiccan's brother Tommy has disappeared. He takes them to the warehouse where it happened. Miss America opens a portal to where Speed was taken, and they are greeted by "Patriot."


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • • Three months have passed for the Young Avengers. What have they been up to? Fun stuff, I’ll bet. The sort of “stuff” that makes an excellent super hero comic. THIS IS TRUTH WITH A CAPITAL EVERYTHING.

• A very important breakfast. A new Young Avenger. A selection of emotions. • Oh - I bet you thought we forgot about those Skrulls from issue 1. We haven’t.


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