Quote1 The Son of Odin surrenders to no man! Especially not one dressed as thee! Quote2
-- Thor

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The X-Men have tracked Hope to an amusement park in Indonesia, where they find Wolverine and the Avengers waiting for them. Rachel keeps having bad flashbacks to when she was a Hound and used to hunt mutants, and doesn't like the way she's being used in the exact same way to find Hope. The Avengers begin to battle the X-Men - Beast and Iceman face off, each battling but also semi-playing. Thor battles Namor until Mjolnir is knocked from his hand and Kid Gladiator tries to pick it up. Wolverine takes out Kid Gladiator with ease. War Machine battles Angel, while Rachel finds Hope. Hating the way she is feeling used by Cyclops, she lets Hope go. While he is interrogating her, Gladiator and the Shi'ar have arrived declaring that the Phoenix dies this day.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • • Kid Gladiator goes after the Avengers single-handedly!

• The X-Men from Wolverine’s school see the events of AVX and have a choice to make...


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