Quote1 We dare villain The Lord of Asgard and the noblest warriors of these troubled lands! Quote2
-- Thor

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Iron Man decided to make his armor available to the world in order to help it, resulting in the formation of the Iron Guard, so other heroes retire. But when villains also gain access to the Iron Man armor, things begin to spiral out of control, resulting in Magneto and his Acolytes attacking the United Nations. Spider-Man goes to Dr. Strange for help and a new team of Avengers is born.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • What If Iron Man sold out? You'll find out in this 48-page issue. Welcome to a world where Tony Stark sold the plans for his armor to the U.S. Government during the Vietnam Conflict. Years later, Tony's plans have gotten into the hands of other world powers, causing a global build-up of armored forces. Realizing the danger he has unleashed on the world, Tony wants to set things straight. But how does he do that in a world filled with Iron Men? Features Magneto, the RHino, Electro, Spymaster, and many, many more of the vilest villains.


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