Quote1 Hmnh. That tickled. Before, I worried about hurting you Banner. I fear that no more. To all who want to live, I suggest you leave in the next three seconds. Three... two... one... Boom. Quote2
-- Thor

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Synopsis for "Disassembled, Part Two"Edit

Reed Richards makes a worldwide proclamation about what he and his group are doing - global peace (by force), undoing global patent and copyright standards, distributing the Sentient Seed throughout the world, eliminating money and creating free clean energy, all while throwing it in the face of the Ultimates. Meanwhile, Tony Stark continues to work on his armor, and enraged, Thor transports himself to confront Reed. In Reed's fortress above Manhattan, the Invisible Woman and the Thing are already there and begin attacking Reed. Below, Hawkeye is trying ot rescue Captain America, but it was a trap set by Kang. In a bar in Arizona, Thor sits drinking when he is confronted by Bruce Banner, who changes into the Hulk. The Hulk punches Thor with almost no effort whatsoever, and Thor tells him that he wasn't trying before. Back in Stark's lab, Anthony informs Tony that one of the Gems is right on top of them, when Anthony screams. Quicksilver has arrived and begins digging for the Gem - in Stark's head, and pulls out "Anthony", the Gem.


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    Solicit Synopsis:

• A new dark force has taken the reigns of the world • The Ultimates are no more. Long live the XXREDACTEDXX


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