Quote1 Welcome back to the United States of America Quote2
-- Captain America

Appearing in "Part One"Edit

Main Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • New Mexico Militia
  • Texas Government

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Part One"Edit

At Camp Hutton, the President has Carol Danvers brought in and appoints her his new Chief of Staff. As they're all discussing how to move forward, they see on a television that in the former state of New Mexico, Captain America has taken the fight to them. In New York, Tony Stark is attending a board meeting when he notices the same footage, and immediately abandons the meeting and donning his armor, flies out to help Captain America. During the flight, Tony makes a phone call to Thor, who is in the ruins of Asgard salvaging the statues there. Thor is wondering why he can no longer hear the ghosts of the Asgardians when his phone rings. Tony tells him that he needs to meet up with him, because "their friend" is going to need their help. Confused, thor heads off. Back in the former New Mexico state, Captain America is facing off against a reprogrammed Nimrod sentinel when Iron Man shows up ans smashes it to bits. Overwhelmed by the powers beginning to be arrayed against them, the militia men try to escape, only to have their truck blown out from under them by a lightning bolt from Thor. Pulling the man free from the truck, he's confused by the absence of the man that was with him, Morez. At the same time in Dallas, Mr. Morez is talking to the leaders of the New Republic of Texas, telling them that he can save them. We notice two things about Morez, he has one red eye and one blue eye, and is wearing a ring with a Rune on it.


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