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During a sparring session at Avengers Mansion, Captain America confronts Thunderstrike regarding his recent carelessness. Influenced by the Bloodaxe, Thunderstrike attacks Cap with it, but reverts to his mortal form after being separated from his mace for sixty seconds, which calms his blood-lust. Elsewhere, Pandara, a Salon Steele employee, uses a magical casket to kill the latest of several club patrons. Soon after, Marcy asks Pandara to give actress Mary Jane Watson-Parker a tour. Spider-Man races to meet MJ at the club and almost collides with Thunderstrike. At the club, Marcy asks Eric to ask Thunderstrike to be a Salon Steele spokesman. Peter arrives and, alerted by his spider-sense, finds Pandara about to kill MJ. Pandara unleashes a pair of demons from her casket and Eric, hearing the commotion, tells Marcy to cal for Code Blue. Thunderstrike appears and takes on Pandara while Spider-Man sees to the demons and Mary Jane's safety. Thunderstrike is separated from his mace, which lands in the swimming pool. Spidey returns to help but Pandara's demons overwhelm the heroes. Thunderstrike knows that, without his mace, he will revert to Eric soon.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • Guest-starring Spider-Man! A villain is draining life essences from members of Marcy Steele's health clubs, and beautiful people like Mary Jane Parker are prime targets. This book begins a major subplot which will touch the entire Marvel Universe and introduces Pandora, a major new villain!


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