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Thors Vol 1 1
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Quote1 It means you've got yourself a serial killer. Who only kills one woman. Even I've never seen that before. Quote2
-- Throg

Appearing in the 1st StoryEdit

Main Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Loki (First appearance)


Other Characters:




Synopsis for the 1st StoryEdit

In the domain of Weirdworld, the Thor Corps inspects a murder of an unknown woman. The Thors split up to look for suspects and witnesses. As the others fly off, Lief and Bill confront a gang of Ghost Riders. After subduing them and bringing them back to Doomgard for questioning, they are called into the Lawspeakers office. He reads them the riot act for having five murders from five different kingdoms and still no clue as to who is doing it or why. Lief heads to see the Frog to see if there is any more information on the bodies, and it is discovered that it is the exact same woman from five different kingdoms. Later in Valhalla's Mead Hall, Bill arrives to tell Lief that his informants don't have anything for him, but he's got one more to see. He tells Lief to get some rest, while he flies off to meet his last informant. In a darkened alley, he meets with Loki, who tells him he knows who is doing this. A bright flash of lightning, and the other Thors respond immediately, only to find Bill fatally wounded. With his dying breath, he whispers the name of the women that have been murdered - Jane Foster.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • • The Thors of every domain, together in one book! As cosmic cops!

•Whenever there’s trouble on Battleworld, the Thors answer the call. But a string of mysterious murders leaves some of them asking questions that may unravel all of reality! •A hard-hitting Marvel Comics police drama. With hammers. Lots and lots of hammers.


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