Quote1 The only thing that dies this day is my fool husband's supposed omnipotence! The All-Father's reign of idiocy is at an end! So swears Freyja, daughter of Vanaheim! So swears the All-Mother of Asgard! Quote2
-- Freyja

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Just outside Roxxon Island, the Cul-possessed Destroyer is confronted by Thor, the Odinson as well as a virtual army of bad-ass women. Back in Asgardia, Cul wants to know what Odin wants done with them, but he doesn't answer. The warriors wage a fierce battle, but it is ultimately futile, until Freyja manages to shame Odin with his actions. Odin tells Cul to let it go and leave, leaving the battered heroes to recover. They all go their own separate ways, leaving Thor and the Odinson alone. Odinson confronts her with the knowledge that he knows who she is - Roz. But just then, Agent Solomon herself arrives and chews out Thor for nearly getting her killed, leaving the Odinson totally dumbfounded. In Asgardia, Freyja is furious at Odin for his actions and leaves him to his solitude. While in Jotunheim, Malekith is fulfilling his part of the bargain and resurrects Laufey. We then find Thor, heading towards Asgardia. She hurls Mjolnir away to await her call, and after sixty seconds she transforms back into the terminally ill Jane Foster.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • • The final battle with the Destroyer!

• Guest stars galore! • A shocking return! • And oh yeah...Thor’s secret identity revealed at last!!!


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