Quote1 I see Malekith forging dark pacts that endanger every realm. I see Trolls still hiding on Midgard. The same Trolls who reduced the town of Broxton to smoke and rubble. I see a serpent let loose in heaven. A brother in turmoil. A sister in peril. Strife between a mother and father that may consume us all. I see bonfires burning as rises a queen of fire. I see a king who waits in Hel to be reborn. I see wars, Odinson. More wars than we can possibly endure. Quote2
-- Heimdall

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In flashback, we see a small island in the Aegean Sea where a young nine year-old Dario Agger's entire family was murdered by pirates. Hiding in a cave, he prayed for revenge and was answered. Now in the present on Roxxon Island, the heads of those pirates are kept alive for his entertainment. Meeting with Malekith, they have made a deal where Roxxon will get mining rights to every world the Dark Elves conquer. In Asgardia, the Odinson visits Heimdall hoping he can tell him who the mystery woman is, but as always Heimdall is evasive, telling him that there are more important things on the horizon. Deep beneath Texas, the Odinson has found a den of Rock Trolls and is soundly beating on them, all the while screaming that he wants to know who she is. Later, on the Moon, he is still vexed when is visited by Volstagg, to tell him that Jane Foster has taken a turn for the worse. Rushing to Asgardia, he visits her bedside where she is still refusing to partake of anything "too damned magical." Giving her a hug, he then crosses her off his list of suspects. Aboard a SHIELD Helicarrier, he is trying to get answers from Agent Coulson, who was hoping he could tell them. He then demands to know where Agent Solomon is, but she is not answering. We see her flying car, appearing abandoned above Roxxon Island, while below Roxxon receives an intruder alert. They open fire on this new Thor, to no avail. In Asgardia, Freyja demands to know what Odin is doing unleashing the Destroyer inhabited by Cul loose in the world, specifically aimed at Thor.


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• That’s the question on everyone’s lips. Most especially Prince Odinson of Asgard. This issue, he starts to narrow down the list of suspects. • Meanwhile, tensions continue to flare between the All-Mother and All-Father, Malekith forges his most dangerous pact yet, and Thor prepares to face her greatest challenge!


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