Quote1 You have my solemn vow, All-Mother Freyja of Asgardia, made here in the sight of the Moon and all the stars... that I will die before I dishonor the legacy of Thor. Quote2
-- Thor

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Synopsis for "Behold, A New Age of Thunder"Edit

In Asgardia, Odin is furious that Mjolnir is in the hands of anyone other than his son, while on Earth, the new Thor is in battle with the Absorbing Man. While Mjolnir distracts him, she breaks his jaw when Titania shows up. As Titania takes Creel's ball and chain, she hits him with it and tells her that she's standing down out of respect for what Thor is doing. As Odin peers into his crystal, demanding it to show him who she is, Freyja and the Odinson enter. As Odin rants about recent happenings, the Odinson demands to know what Cul is doing free. Odin tells him that he and his brother spent many months together, and he has named him his Royal Inquisitor and Minister of Justice. Odin returns to trying to discover Thor's identity and rails at his viziers for failing him, demanding that they be thrown in jail. In a tavern, the Odinson finds Sif drinking alone and joins her. She is still furious that he fled her bedside and comes staggering back to her now. Very unsubtly, he asks her if she is the new Thor, and throwing her drink in his face, she storms off telling him that the next time he speaks to her, he had best be armed. He unfurls his list and puts a question mark by her name. On the Moon, Thor is there talking to herself when Freyja arrives. Freyja tells her that she only comes to talk and to warn her that Odin will not rest until he takes Mjolnir from her and that Malekith makes plans. Thor thanks her for the warning and advice, and before she leaves Freyja asks her how it feels. She tells her that she imagines it to be unimaginable, to which Thor replies, "Not even close." Back in Asgardia, the Warriors Three come to help a drunken Odinson back home, while in the bowels of Asgardia, Odin and Cul go to release the Destroyer to return Mjolnir and the broken body of the woman who holds it.


  • The names on the Odinson's list include Freyja, Hildegarde, Brunnhilde, Idunn, Tarene, Jane Foster, Roz Solomon, Lorelei, Amora, Sif, Karnilla, Kelda, Tana Nile, Angela and Loki, with Freyja marked through.

    Solicit Synopsis:
  • • The mysterious all-new Thor has taken Midgard by storm. But if her enemies have their say, her reign as the Goddess of Thunder will be a short one.

• Prince Odinson is making a list and checking it twice. • All-Father Odin is so desperate to see Mjolnir returned to Asgard that he will call on some very dangerous, very unexpected allies. • And the Absorbing Man and Titania are just up to their usual tricks. Namely, robbing banks and crushing anyone who dares get in their way.


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