Quote1 Do not call me by that name. I am not worthy of it. I am still the Prince of Asgard. I am still the Odinson. But she is Thor now. That hammer has the power to destroy worlds, or to save them. Carry it well. Thor. Quote2
-- Odinson

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In Asgardia, the Odinson wakes up to discover that his arm is gone. While he was unconscious, Odin sent word to the Dwarves and had Screwbeard fashion a new arm for the Odinson, forged of black uru. Now, the Odinson confronts this new Thor on Roxxon Island, interrupting the battle between her, Malekith and Minotaur. The Odinson doesn't care at all, he is just enraged at the presumption of this woman to claim the power and name of Thor. When Thor sends Mjolnir flying at the Frost Giants, the Odinson is awestruck at her control of it. With a temporary respite, the Odinson relents and tells her that she is the one Mjolnir has chosen, and only wants to know if she is his mother, who has gone missing. She grabs him and kisses him passionately, asking if he still thinks she is his mother, replying that he certainly hopes not. Putting aside their differences, Thor and Thor fight side-by-side against the Frost Giants, laying them all low before turning their attention to Malekith, who makes his escape back to Svartalfheim. With the threats gone, Dario Agger tells the Thors that they are trespassing and must leave immediately. They go to free the Asgardians and heroes that were frozen in ice, finding Freyja and the Odinson bequeaths the name of Thor to her. Back at Roxxon Island, Dario reveals that the skull of Laufey was never really destroyed and offers it to Malekith in exchange for the opportunity to plunder realms.


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  • • The Odinson is back. And he clearly doesn’t like that someone else is holding his hammer. You know what that means, right?



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