Quote1 Unhand my hammer, woman. Or know the wrath of Thor. Quote2
-- Odinson

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Synopsis for "When the Ice Lords Make War"Edit

In Jotunheim, Skrymir and Malekith discuss their deal with each other, and Malekith informs him that he has located the skull of Laufey. It is in the possession of Roxxon on Earth, so the Frost Giants prepare to invade. In the present on Roxxon Island, Thor is trapped outside with the Frost Giants, while Dario Agger is trapped in a vault with the skull and a ricocheting Mjolnir. Malekith confronts this new Thor, but she fights him and the rest of the Giants off. The longer she is without the hammer, she begins to lose her power and revert back to whoever she really is, but at that moment, Malekith has broken through into the vault, releasing Mjolnir to return to her hand. She takes the hammer and shatters the skull, destroying it. While Malekith rants that she has no idea what war she has unleashed, the Odinson has arrived and demands his hammer back.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • • Lifting the enchanted hammer Mjolnir has transformed a mysterious woman into an all-new version of the mighty Thor.

• But what happens when she’s separated from that hammer? • Plus, Frost Giants! ROXXON! And oh yeah, whatever happened to the guy who used to carry that hammer?


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