Quote1 Give your orders and ultimatums to those who choose to obey, or are too cowardly to fight. Not to me. Or learn again the difference between a God of Thunder -- and a mortal man in a metal suit. Quote2
-- Thor

Appearing in "Everything Old is New Again"Edit

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Other Characters:

  • Ezra (Host for Heimdall)
  • Ezra's niece




Synopsis for "Everything Old is New Again"Edit

Thor arrives in New Orleans to begin his quest for the lost gods of Asgard. He is not sure why he was drawn there, only that he is left wondering why none of the other heroes did anything to help. He is immediately confronted by Ezra, a local man, one of the many, who was devastated when Hurricane Katrina hit. Forced to watch helplessly as his home was destroyed, and his life torn apart. He tells Thor that he should have been there to help, to which Thor replies that he was dead. Ezra tells him he still should have done something, and that he couldn’t save their past, he must save their future. Then he and the others leave, telling him to stay out of their way.

Iron Man then arrives and greets him, telling him they need to talk. He tells Thor that he’s glad he’s alive and that he’s been missed, to which Thor says nothing. He just continues to stare at Iron Man. Iron Man is wondering why he isn’t saying anything, not even a greeting and says that they have been friends for a long time, but if Thor won’t say anything, then he’ll just get to the formalities. He asks Thor if he really thought he could plop Asgard down right in the middle of Oklahoma without upsetting everyone all the way up to the White House. Yes, the land has been properly paid for and technically he owns it, but they have confirmed that he’s alone up there and they can come for him anytime they want. He goes on to tell Thor that there is no middle ground, you’re either on board and work with the government or you’re against it. He wants Thor to sign on with the good guys again and get back to work.

With a rumble in the sky and a lightning strike, Thor replies. He tells Tony, that, yes, things have changed. Iron Man has hunted down those he once fought beside and called comrades, imprisoned those who opposed him, but that wasn’t enough. He went a lot further. He took Thor’s DNA, and without his knowledge or permission, created a clone, and abomination, and told the world that this thing was him.

Thor is fully enraged now, with lightning striking all around them, with Thor demanding to know if that is how Tony defines friendship. Iron Man tells Thor that he understands he’s upset, but that he doesn’t know the whole story. Before Tony can finish speaking, Thor strikes him, knocking him several yards away. Iron Man replies that he wanted to do this the easy way, and then fires a full repulsor blast at Thor, but to no effect. Iron Man then charges at Thor, and Thor knocks him several blocks away easily, damaging his armor.

Iron Man tells him that he’s been working out, but Thor replies no, the only change is that he’s no longer holding back. Thor then unleashes a massive lightning strike that is almost the width of an entire house, hitting Iron Man directly, completely frying his armor. Thor then grabs him by the throat, rips off his mask, and tells him to give his threats and ultimatums to those that choose to obey them or that are too scared to fight back, or learn the difference between a god of thunder, and a mortal man in a metal suit.

He then gives Tony a message to give back to his masters, that if any mortal comes to Asgard uninvited, on behalf of those who believe themselves in power, within the hour they will learn what true power is. The skies will open and the first part of the message will be delivered in terms even the blind could see, flooding Washington DC completely. Anyone attempting to escape will find the skies even more dangerous. And this will be only the beginning. He tells Tony to deliver this message and remind them of what a god of thunder is, and what that means. He tells Tony that now that his war of brothers is done, he has no interest in choosing sides, and for the moment he is neutral.

Tony offers up a solution, to make Asgard like a diplomatic mission or embassy, then it, and anyone who lives there would be outside US law. Thor tells him that is fine, and that he can go. Tony asks how he’s supposed to get back to base with his armor fried, to which Thor replies, “walk.” Before they part, Thor tells him one more thing. For now, he has more important things on his mind, but they are far from finished “discussing” his violations of his person, his genetic code, and what was once a friendship he valued.

Thor walks away and comes across Ezra and his niece, and Thor discovers he’s found what he’s looking for. Two souls joined in sadness and loss, grief crying out to grief, each trying to protect those they loved from the end of their world, and being helpless to do anything. Thor spins Mjolnir faster and faster, and pulls the essence of an Asgardian out of Ezra. Heimdall, guardian of Bifrost, lives again. Back at SHIELD headquarters, an assistant tells Tony that his new armor is almost ready, and satellite feeds have confirmed that there are now two presences on Asgard. Heimdall is now standing watch, to which Tony replies that they are just going to let it go.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • The Armored Avenger squares off against The God of Thunder! Tony Stark, the new Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., comes to Oklahoma to verify the rumors that his old friend and teammate is alive and in town?but Thor isn?t rolling out the welcome mat for Iron Man! The God of Thunder would have words with the man who cloned him?and you know what that means!


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