Quote1 Sif. Heimdall. Balder. Fandral. Volstagg. Can your souls hear me? Do my words find you, in the hearts of mortals? If they do, then hear this vow. I shall find you. Though I comb the four corners of the Earth in my quest. I shall find you. Quote2
-- Thor

Appearing in "Home Is Where the God Is"Edit

Main Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Sif (Only in flashback)


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Synopsis for "Home Is Where the God Is"Edit

In a diner, in Broxton, Oklahoma, just west of Oklahoma City, Donald Blake sits enjoying some griddle cakes. Bill tells him that this is a small town and they're happy to have him. Don then drives out to a deserted stretch of land, and changes to Thor. Using the power of Mjolnir, he whips up a massive storm. For the next week, this storm rages, no one daring to venture into it due to it's intensity. When he's done, Asgard stands restored. Thor walks the halls reminiscing of his past, when two policemen pull up. They tell Thor that that he cannot build on that land without ownership and permits. So Thor, using Mjolnir once again, lifts Asgard so that it hovers just off the ground. The two cops, full of disbelief, leave. Thor then goes inside and broods on his people still being gone. The next morning, Sam Miller, the owner of the land, pulls up and tells Thor that he doesn't want any trouble, and he's willing to sell the land. Thor tells him to come inside, where he takes Sam to the Asgardian Treasury, full of a mountain of gold. He then tells Sam to take as much as he wants then to leave, and never return. Sam runs outside and tells his son Tom to back the truck up, and they drive off with a truck bed full of gold. Later that evening, the townsfolk discuss the events, saying that he's a neighbor now and they should treat him as such. That he's all alone up there. In Asgard, Thor makes a vow to find his lost people.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • A freak thunderstorm hit the wide open spaces of Oklahoma…the same day a young doctor named Donald Blake drove into town! Now the friendly residents of this cozy burg are just as puzzled by the walking stick-carrying young man as they are by the storm clouds gathering on the horizon. Little do they know an honest-to-goodness god of Asgard walks among them, searching for his own home in the heart of theirs…and he's got big plans for their dusty little town! But what connection does Asgard–and Norse mythology have to the wide-open plains of Oklahoma?


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