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Quote1 We stand in the presence of a profound truth, Thor. It is the reason that I am here... and more important still, it is the reason that you are here. And that reason is this. It is not for the gods to decide whether or not man exists -- it is for man to decide whether or not the gods exist. And because you are important -- because you are needed -- your time is not yet over. Quote2
-- Don Blake

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Synopsis for "Brakka-Dooooom!"Edit

Thor is in the void, dreaming of his past. He is awoken by a voice from his past, the voice of Donald Blake. Thor asks him how this can be, since Odin had undone Blake so that he had never existed at all. Don tells him that when Odin and the rest of the gods were gone, he came back to be. Don then goes on to tell him that he is needed, but he has a choice. He can stay in the void and make his life and legacy a lie, or he can return to protect mankind. He has broken the cycle of Ragnarok, his future is his own now. Thor asks him, what is there to return to? All he knew is dead and gone. Don tells him that he's not so sure. Maybe they, and Asgard, just need to be re-awakened, like Thor. Don tells him that there are forces that want Thor to stay asleep, and not return to the world. Demonic figures rise up out of the ground, and begin to dog pile Thor. He fights them off as much as he can, but he is soon overwhelmed. Just out of reach, Thor spies Mjolnir and reaches for it. He grabs hold, and a strike of lightning arcs down and obliterates the demons. Thor stands up, garbed in a new costume, and states that he is Thor, and he wishes to live! In Oklahoma, a solitary figure walks along a deserted road, and picks up an old stick. He goes into a boarding house and rents a room, telling the woman that he's a doctor, he's got tons of baggage, and he finally got his ID back. Don goes up to his room, and strikes the cane, summoning a thunderbolt from the sky.


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  • Not a clone! Not a robot! Not an imaginary story! The God of Thunder is officially BACK! You've waited for it, you've demanded it…and we say thee YEA! The Odinson comes roaring to life in this highly anticipated ongoing series by red-hot superstars J. Michael Straczynski (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) and Olivier Coipel (HOUSE OF M)! But how does a god return from Ragnarok? And what place will he find in a world torn by CIVIL WAR?


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