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Thor and the others have been transported to a bizarre version of the world as interpreted by Richard Wagner’s Ring Cycle. Loki is kind and noble, while Balder, Wotan, and another Thor are all bloodthirsty and greedy of rhinegold. Victor frees himself from his bonds, and Loki just sits there staring, totally unresponsive. In New York State Prison, one of the prisoners asks the Mad Thinker about getting revenge on Thor long distance, but the Thinker’s mind is apparently gone. Thor and the others manage to capture Balder, but while Thor is trying to tame his flying stallion, Balder escapes and captures the others bringing them to Wotan. They have killed all the dwarves, then kill Loki. Thor then kills Balder, but before he can kill the hostages, Thor hurls the sword, killing Wotan. Instantly, the world fades away, and Thor finds himself in his own Asgard, but it is burning and in ruins.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • What do you do if you want to kill someone whose bodyguard is Thor? Hire a hit-man who's one of his old enemies! "Deodato's Thor is flying out the door...The demand far outstrips supply for this title." (Overstreet's Fan)


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