Quote1 AWAY, ALL! I will crush any who stand 'twixt myself and the high road back to Earth -- even you, father, if you stand in my way! Quote2
-- Thor

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Thor wakes from his dream of Ragnarok, to find his friends and father around him. Thor tells them that he cannot stay in Asgard, his destiny is on Earth. Odin tells him no, and he is forced to fight his way through his friends, and leaves. He arrives on Earth and finds a battle between three powerful humans and three animal-like monsters. Thor interferes and helps take down the three monsters, but is stopped by the master of all six – the High Evolutionary.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • Check out the aftermath to the Blood and Thunder crossover! Thor recovers from his injuries, but he's deeply embarrassed about his behavior during his mad spell. At a welcome back banquet, the Thunder God is further humiliated when Sif announces her wishes to postpone their wedding. For another engrossing story by Ron Marz, check out the premiere of Cosmic Powers this month!


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