"Beware the Bloodaxe"

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Synopsis for "Beware the Bloodaxe"Edit

Thor II and Code:Blue return to Earth, and discover gang violence has escalated. Sif and Balder appear, still on their quest. Thor II tells them about the Soul Shroud in Mephisto’s realm. Sif grabs the Norn Stones, and heads there before Balder or Thor II can stop her. Bloodaxe tracks down one of the gangs, and ruthlessly slaughters them. Thor II and Balder notice the Asgardian energy and go to investigate. In Mephisto’s realm, Mephisto makes Sif a tempting offer. Amora escapes Karnilla’s dungeon and goes in search of Heimdall. She finds him in another dimension, seemingly insane, when the ruler of that dimension introduces himself – Nightmare.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • It's the debut of a major new supervillain, Bloodax, who has seized control of the Executioner's battle ax. Plus, Sif and Balder are on their way to rescue a particular prisoner from Mephisto's realm.


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