Quote1 What're you tryin' to pull on me?! You ain't Thor! You look an awful lot like 'im, but... no wonder you was so easy to trap! The real mccoy woulda been a whole lot smarter! What a laugh! A Thunder God trainee! What do they call you -- Sparky the Lightning kid?! Quote2
-- Absorbing Man

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Synopsis for "Savage Reunion!"Edit

The Absorbing Man has returned, and he and Titania are determined to reunite. Meanwhile, Eric’s business is continuing its downward spiral. Thor rushes off to confront the Absorbing Man, but is stunned when he discovers that Creel and Titania just want to be together. Thor lets them go, telling them to stay out of trouble. But Eric has another person enter his life – Hercules has returned.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • The Mighty Thor versus Titania and the Absorbing Man. Does the new guy have what it takes?


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