Quote1 It's the Juggernaut! He suddenly materialized directly in front of us! Quote2
-- Nightcrawler thinking Thor is the Juggernaut

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Synopsis for "Enter: Excalibur"Edit

The British government sends Excalibur to learn the whereabouts of the Juggernaut, and run into the Wrecking Crew. Loki, Ulik, and the Enchantress are also interested in the Wrecker, but for reasons of their own. Eric and Jackie go on a date, making Susan jealous. Thor and Code:Blue race to the scene of the battle, and the Wrecker causes his new abilities to make Excalibur see Thor as the Juggernaut. Shadowcat then turns Thor intangible, phasing him into the concrete and leaving him there.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • Major league fisticuffs as the thunder god slugs it out with Excalibur's own Captain Britain. When the Wrecker shows up, you can be sure he's not there to act as an impartial referee.


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