Quote1 Maybe what I told the Vizier is true! Maybe our merger worked better than we thought! We may not be two separate people anymore... just halves of the same whole... two sides of the same coin... maybe Odin didn't really have a choice when he put us together! Maybe it was our destiny to be one! Maybe that's all... we ever were! Quote2
-- Eric Masterson

Appearing in "The Flame, The Frost, and the Fury!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Flame, The Frost, and the Fury!"Edit

Hercules, Eric, and Thor return to Asgard after being warned by Sif. They find Surtur and Ymir locked in combat. To defeat them, Thor must retrieve Twilight from the Sea of Eternal Night. During the battle, Thor becomes trapped, and Eric makes a fateful sacrifice. He bridges Thor and Mjolnir, and is re-merged with Thor. Thor lights Twilight in the Eternal Flame which causes Odin’s control over Surtur to vanish. Surtur and Ymir fight over Twilight, and while they are distracted, Thor transports them both into the Sea of Eternal Night, where they will be frozen for all time. Arko returns home from the battle and discovers he has a son.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • The Black Galaxy Saga Epilogue. Thor's triumphant return to Asgard. Surtur and Ymir meet and the Endless Circle is closed. The fate of the Golden Realm is decided in this special epilogue guest-starring the Earth Force and the New Immortals.


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