Quote1 NO! NO! This is not the way it should be! WE ARE GODS! IMMORTALS! THE RULERS OF THE HEAVENS! Our lives should be filled with endless pleasures and indolent whims! Heartbreak and grief are for lesser beings! NOT US! NOT US! WE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO DIE!! Quote2
-- Amora the Enchantress

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Thor and his friends fight their way through the Black Pyramid. They find that the secret to Seth’s power is he has imprisoned Bes, forcing him to bend luck to his side. In Asgard, Heimdall dies from his wounds, and an enraged Enchantress lashes out, only to be stopped by Seth. Elsewhere, Leir and the Celtic gods heard her anguished cry and came to the Asgardians aid. Back in the Black Pyramid, Bes leads Thor to an astonishing discovery – the imprisoned Odin.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • Seth and his legions are storming the gates of Asgard! And deep inside Seth's Black Pyramid, Thor discovers the secret of Seth's success and the astonishing source of his power! Miss this story and you'l miss one of the most titanic revelations of the year! We're not kidding! "Prisoners of the Black Pyramid" is written by Tom DeFalco, penciled by Ron Frenz, and inked by Brett Breeding.


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