Quote1 Your attempts to exterminate all life have been quite amusing... up to a point! Unfortunately, that point has been passed! Go home, Seth! Leave Asgard at once, or I shall become... annoyed... very annoyed! Quote2
-- Loki

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Synopsis for "When the Gods Make War"Edit

Thor, Hogun, Black Knight, Earth Lord and Skyhawk are all trapped inside the Black Pyramid being tortured by Grog. Elsewhere, Grog tortures another prisoner into complying, and simultaneously, the Asgardians start to suffer mishaps and setbacks. Out on her own, Wind Warrior meets the Lost Ones. Seth meets with Loki to discuss the future. Thor manages to free himself and his friends and plans to go on the offensive.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • Thor and Hogun are trapped in Seth's awesome headquarters, the Black Pyramid! Confident that they can never escape, Seth launches the ultimate assault on Asgard!


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