Quote1 At long last! We shall free our Asgardian brethren from the grim and senseless travesty... that is known as life! Open wise the dimensional portals! Let the cosmos itself tremble in fear and awe -- AS THE GODS MAKE WAR!! Quote2
-- Seth

Appearing in "Into the Realm of Death!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Into the Realm of Death!"Edit

On Earth, Hogun has recovered and been released into Thor’s custody. With the help of Earth Force, they trick Grog into taking them to Seth’s dimension. But Seth has already begun his assault of Asgard itself, and Balder has no choice but to use the Celestial Siphon to drain Thor’s powers into himself. Which leaves Thor helpless before Grog and Seth’s army.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • The thunder god's chances look pretty slim when he, the Black Knight and Hogun the Grim face the rampaging hordes of Set, the Serpent God of Death. But they look nonexistent once Balder drains Thor of his power!


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