Quote1 Stay back, Thunder God! I'm warning you! Not even you possess enough power to survive... the cataclysmic savagery of Quicksand!! Quote2
-- Quicksand

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Arriving on Earth via the Vizier's machine, Hogun crashes to the ground in Central Park. The impact causes him to hallucinate seeing police and bystanders as monsters. He runs from them, destroying a police car. In Asgard, Vizier unites a mystic flame with Hogun's force, so Fandral and Volstagg will know he is alive. On Earth, Sigurd accompanies Jerry to Eric's apartment, where they meet his assistant and son. Eric, his leg injured from the falling debris and invites them to a new construction prject he's bidding on. Meanwhile, Hogun's rampage through Hell's Kitchen draws Matt Murdock's attention. When Eric, Sigurd and Jerry arrive at the construction site, a nuclear power plant, Eric finds Jackie, his rival, already there. They taunt each other playfully, not realizing that Quicksand is attacking the plant perimeter. When alarms sound, Sigurd breaks away, changes into Thor, and battles the villainess. In Midtown, Daredevil fights Hogun while Thor's fight with Quicksand takes them inside the building, where she threatens to kill Eric and Jackie unless Thor drops Mjolnir. Instead, Thor throws the hammer, freeing the two. Quicksand blasts Thor with a sand barrage, preventing Mjolnir from returning to him.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • Battle on two fronts! First, Thor must match his strength against the deadly new villain known only as Quicksand! Then, Hogun the Grim suffers a head injury which sends him on a rampage. And only one man stands in his way--Daredevil, the Man Without Fear!


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