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Synopsis for "The Harvest of the Seasons"Edit

Balder leaves Karnilla after learning of his coronation. Lorelei, still in love with Loki, enrages him. But she is comforted by Malekith, who has a plan himself. At a construction site, Malekith is captured and put in the Prison of No Escape. Balder arrives in Asgard, greeted by cheers. Heimdall goes to ask Amora if he can escort her to the coronation, but discovers that she was unaware of Skurge's fate. In the Prison, Malekith is bound in mystic irons preventing his escape, when a figure crashes through the wall and begins to pummel him. At the coronation, Kurse crashes through the crowd and before anyone can do anything, he grabs Balder and snaps his neck.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • The new ruler of Asgard is crowned! You'll never believe who it is (we didn't)!


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