Quote1 As I rose again, I was seething with energy, energy that could shake the foundations of the cosmos! And I knew that my brothers had given up their powers... forever. Thus was born the Odin-Power, the birthright of the sons of Bor! Quote2
-- Odin

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With the Casket of Ancient Winters shattered, a supernatural cold spreads across Midgard. Roger suspects Melodi is up to something, but with a spell, she prevents him from telling Thor. Agnar and Balder arrive back in Asgard to tell Odin of the vision Balder has seen. Thor brings Malekith back to Asgard, and Odin puts him in the Prison of No Escape. With Malekith locked away, Odin tells them the history of the challenge they now face. He tells them of Surtur, his brothers and the birth of the Odinpower, and of the coming war. And to help in the coming battle, Odin summons Beta Ray Bill back to Asgard.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • Finally - the awful secret behind the forger with the sound of "Doom" - revealed! He needs but one thing to wield the power to destroy the universe, but Odin himself guards it! Can the combined forces of the mightiest Norse gods stop the "doom" forger from taking it? Read this story, written, penciled and inked by Walt Simonson - we guarantee it's one of his best!


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