Quote1 At last! The Casket of Ancient Winters is mine once more! And woe to the world that it should be so! Quote2
-- Malekith

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Thor and Roger head to the Cotswolds to rescue Melodi. Dark Elves, invisible to Roger, attack but Thor defeats them. Thor puts Oil of Vision in Roger's eyes so he can see the Elves. In the Asgard desert, Balder battles the Sand Devil. Impressed, Agnar tosses his sword, which Balder finds and uses to defeat the Devil. The imperiled woman then transports Balder away. Agnar, left behind, swears his loyalty to Balder. Meanwhile, water elementals attack Thor and Roger. Thor defeats them, and the duo arrives at the Faerie Gate. The woman Balder saved reveals herself as one of the Norns and presents him to her sisters. Still ensorcelled, Thor becomes recklessly enraged when he sees Malekith menace Melodi and Algrim easily ambushes him. In Asgard, Odin sends the Warriors Three to assemble Asgard's hosts for war. Meanwhile, Malekith sends Thor and Algrim plummeting into a bottomless chasm, takes the Casket from Roger and mystically blinds him. Roger flees, hoping the steel plate in his head will blunt the blinding. He stumbles on Malekith's Casket ritual, watching as Malekith prepares to welcome his master, Surtur.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • When the time is right, a mortal may cross over into the enchanted Realm of Faerie...and be lost forever. That time is now. And there is but one man who can save the lost mortal...his name is Thor!


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