Quote1 This day Kamo Tharnn, we have recovered a lost friend and made a new friend of an erstwhile foe. It has been indeed a noble and meritorious venture. Quote2
-- Thor

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Kamo Tharnn collapses, delirious. Thor flies to the quinjet for medical equipment. Keith theorizes that Jane is within the Runestaff. While Keith treats Tharnn, Thor and Sif travel into the Runestaff. Soon after, Keith notices that Tharnn has multiple brain waves and deduces that the Runestaff inhabitants are now in Tharnn's body. He grabs the Runestaff, trying to summon Thor and Sif who are attacked by monsters. After defeating them, Thor and Sif return to Rus. Keith explains his theory, and Sif uses the Runestaff on Tharnn, releasing the captives. They find Jane, who slowly remembers Thor and Keith. In gratitude, Tharnn pledges to use the Runestaff only for good. Sif wonders what the lobster creatures were and Keith theorizes that they were physical manifestations of his anxiety. Thor, Sif, Keith and Jane leave for Earth but Sif decides to return to Asgard.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • Jane’s whereabouts are finally discovered in Runestaff! Plus, Keith Kincaid makes a shocking revelation about Kamo Tharnn.


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