Quote1 My oath not to take life shall not stay my hand -- since you are already dead, monster! Quote2
-- Thor

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As a result of the bite, Sif suffers from amnesia and believes Dracula is her lover. Meanwhile, Thor seeks Dr. Srange's aid in finding Kamo Tharnn's Runestaff. Strange remotely peers into Sif's mind and learns that the Runestaff has return to Karmo Tharnn's world but also discerns that Sif has fallen under Dracula's sway. Thor returns to Chicago, where he discovers his apartment deserted. At his office, Loretta Parmeter tells him that his patients are cancelling appointments, due to news accounts that he is under suspicion of murder. Later, Thor visits Lt. Timpano, who shares a lead on an apartment house. There, Thor forces a cultist to reveal that Dracula has taken Sif to the opera. Thor interrupts the performance and challenges Dracula to a fight, tricking the vampire lord into changing into mist, and striking him with lightning. Before Thor can kill him, Dracula vanishes. Dr. Strange appears to Thor, explaining that the cultists teleported Dracula to New York. Her memory restored, Sif joins Thor, pledging to join him on his Runestaff quest.


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  • Lady Sif succumbs to the seduction of Dracula! Can our hero defeat the vampire without causing harm to his lady love?


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