Quote1 Free at last -- released from the solenoid spell of Megatak! But now I am Megatak! I am power! I am all!! I am electronic energy personified -- and I command my brothers! Quote2
-- Megatak

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After the gods feast on the Golden Apples they return to Asgard, but Sif remains, to learn why Thor loves the Earth. He brings her to Don's office to begin acclimating her. At the 12th Annual Electronics Show at McCormick Place, Gregory Nettles is ordered by his superior to steal the computer chip from the new Megatak game. Nettles bribes an actor dressed as Megatak to borrow his costume so he can reach the computer. When Sif overhears a conversation in which Shawna invites Don to the Electronics Show, she becomes jealous and heads out into the city. Meanwhile, Nettles interferes with the circuitry just as the Megatak demonstration begins and is drawn inside the computer. Sif eventually decides to head to the Electronics Show to "see what this Shawna looks like." When the Megatak game restarts, Nettles emerges as Megatak. He summons a "Phosphor Armada" from video games and commands them to attack the convention attendees. Arriving, Sif battles Megatak. Hearing of the fight on the radio, Thor arrives and siphons Megatak's power with Mjolnir. Seeing Shawna slightly injured, he goes to her aid as Don, intensifying Sif's jealousy.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • Lady Sif decides to live on Earth with Thor! But what happens when Sif discovers Thor’s “friend” Shawna Lynde? Could Donald Blake be in over his head?


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