Quote1 I began this campaign thinking Odin had betrayed his wife Frigga for the love of Queen Jolena. But I was wrong about my father -- and I stand now ready to pay my penance. Mischief is one thing, Tyr -- and a thing I revel in... but I have renounced sheer, naked evil! And yours has gone too far! Quote2
-- Loki

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Odin telepathically contacts Don Blake to alert him to the gods' impending arrival. Thor looks for a place where they can stay while Tyr and Loki ready their forces to follow them to Earth. Tony Stark lets the gods stay at an obsolete computer complex at Stark International, providing his staff for all their needs. Later, the gods hear that storms and earthquakes have broken out across the world as Tyr and Loki have had the Midgard Serpent wrap itself around the Earth and tighten its coils, threatening all life. They lead their armies down the Serpent's back to Earth, arriving at Stark International. Before the fight begins, Loki switches sides, claiming that he revels in mischief but renounces evil. While the gods battle, Thor captures the giant Hamir and brings him to the Dark Sea, forcing him to sail in his ship through the "yawning void" between Asgard and Earth. There, Thor fishes for the Serpent with a bull as bait. The Serpent takes the bait, releasing its grasp on Earth. Thor forces the Serpent to disgorge the Golden Apples while Odin vanquishes Tyr in battle, ending the conflict.


On the very first page, the artists apparently got Nurse Stevens and Brenday Barclay confused as the woman is in a nurses outfit and is called Nurse Stevens by Don Blake, but is portrayed as a black woman instead of a white woman.

Solicit Synopsis:

  • Can Thor and the Asgardians save Earth from the crushing might of Tyr and Loki? Loki uncovers the truth about Odin’s relationship with Queen Jolena.


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