Quote1 Thor again! Am I cursed to be plagued by the fool forever -- ?! Quote2
-- Man-Beast

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Iron Man gives Dr. Blake an introduction to Diane Lamarr at the Kennedy Space Center before departing. Man-Thing releases Man-Beast from his ship's wreckage and deposits him near the Center. Man-Beast conquers the base so he can fly back to Counter-Earth. Don learns Diane is about to be let go due to cutbacks and relates his own recent job woes. Man-Beast causes the Kennedy staff to be overwhelmed by hate as Don becomes Thor and meets Man-Thing, who leads him to Man-Beast. Meanwhile, Diane dons a spacesuit and tries to prevent Man-Beast from taking over a satellite launch. Thor arrives and battles Man-Beast, but Mjolnir is caught aboard the spacecraft with Diane and Man-Beast before it launches. Hanging on to the craft, Thor knows his time will soon run out but Diane blows the craft's hatch to stop Man-Beast, releasing Mjolnir just in time to save Thor, who knocks Man-Beast into space and saves Diane before she drifts away. Thor returns Diane to the Center, where her superiors decide to keep her on staff thanks to her heroics.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • Tony Stark’s space shuttle is attacked by Man-Beast…and astronaut Diane Lamarr is trapped inside! Can Thor save Diane and the shuttle before Man-Beast returns to Counter-Earth?


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