Quote1 Before you strain my patience to its end, release yon innocents -- or we shall do battle, thou and I, throughout all eternity! A never-ending strife without surcease -- with no quarter asked and none given! Make thy choice, demon! Quote2
-- Thor

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Synopsis for "The Maelstrom to Mephisto"Edit

Thor breaks up a gang of young toughs who steal a purse, convincing their ringleader to give the purse back. Mephisto watches and is frustrated at how Thor interferes with men's lives. Mephisto influences the minds of people including the purse snatchers to unleash their basest instincts until a riot breaks out in the streets. Mephisto then drags the afflicted humans into Hades where he encases them in rock. Thor follows the aperture into Hades and confronts Mephisto, but when the demon dodges Mjolnir with an illusion, it winds up in the grasp of the humans encased in rock. Mephisto tells Thor that summoning Mjolnir will kill the encased humans. Thor delays and turns into Dr. Blake, then offers his own soul in return for their release. Hearing Don's selflessness, one young rock,encased purse snatcher, grabs Don's cane and throws it to him. Don becomes Thor and vows to wage war with Mephisto for an eternity unless he lets his captives go. Mephisto agrees and sends them all back to Earth.


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