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Appearing in "Suddenly...the Celestials!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Suddenly...the Celestials!"Edit

Thor is flying over Mexico City, when he notices an armed robbery in progress. He stops their escape and helps in thier capture. Thor, concerned with the Celestials, summons Odin to seek answers. Answers as to why he has such a fascination for Earth, why he has never been told who his mother is, and why Balder cannot be saved. Odin answers only the last, simply telling him that Balder's half-life keeps Asgard and Midgard safe. Thor then asks what Odin knows of the Celestials. Odin, instead, simply disappears. Thor flies over the Andes Mountains, searching for answers, and discovers the dome of the Celestials. Thor tries to break through, but it resists his mightiest blows. Just then, the airplane that Thor passed earlier comes across Gammenon, who gathers it for study. He begins to rip it apart, which prompts Thor to act. Thor strikes Gammenon with one of his mightiest blows, again to no effect. Gammenon then blasts Thor with a cosmic bolt, seemingly obliterating him. Gammenon then returns inside the dome with the plane and its passengers.



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