Quote1 To revive her, Sif did transfer her own living energy to Jane's corporeal form. The tranferral was total, milord. Jane Foster lives -- and Sif doth live within her. Quote2
-- Grand Vizier

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The Absorbing Man, using the strength of Mjolnir, manages to beat down Thor. Elsewhere, Orrin accompanies Judith to get groceries. While she is inside, some thugs attack him, but he casually swats them all, but then is shocked by its implications. Thor gets up and attacks Absorbing Man again, then runs away. Absorbing Man follows him into a department store, where the Absorbing Man grabs Thor hammer, trying to absorb the rest of it's power. But when he goes to punch Thor, his arm collapses like cardboard, which it now is. It wasn't really Mjolnir, but a toy. The police keep Absorbing Man trapped inside a cardboard box, so he can't get out. He really can't punch his way out of a paper bag. When Thor gets back to the hospital, he finds Jane alive and OK, but Sif is gone. To save Jane, Sif transferred her life-force into Jane.


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