Quote1 No! NO! NO! It is the only weapon against which I have no defense! The overwhelming aura of goodness unrestrained -- of purity of soul -- of noble heart -- Enough! Enough! I can stomach no more! Quote2
-- Mephisto

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Synopsis for "One God Must Fall!"Edit

On Earth, Loki threatens the U.N. until Balder arrives to try and stop him. Meanwhile in Hades, Mephisto has captured all the Asgardians except Thor. Using the mystic power of Loki, he commands his body to shrink until he is all soul. And being a pure soul burns Mephisto. Mephisto commands them all to leave his realm. Back on Earth, Thor arrives and faces off against Loki. They fight until Loki throws Mjolnir and it embeds itself in a wall. Thor then goes hand-to-hand with Loki, delaying him for sixty seconds, and by Odin's decree he changes to Don Blake, and Loki is forced to resume his own form and he flees.


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