Quote1 I am Karnilla - Queen of the Norns -- enchantress supreme! But, I am a woman first! A woman who saves the one she loves! Quote2
-- Karnilla

Appearing in "The Thunder God and the Thermal Man!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Thunder God and the Thermal Man!"Edit

Thor arrives in time to help try to stop the Thermal Man. The Thermal Man beats around the Asgardians, until the army launches a missile that causes an implosion, rather than an explosion, that knocks him out. Thor changes to Blake to save a soldiers life. Then the Thermal Man wakes back up and lays out all the remaining Asgardians. As he is about to kill them, Karnilla saves them all, by rescuing Balder and transporting them to her realm. Thor comes back, and using his power over storms, sends the Thermal Man far out to sea, towards the frozen north.


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