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Very little is known of this Thor. His mortal form was that of an Old Man, named Donal, from the Order of the Templars, that was charged to transport a powerful artifact from Jerusalem, hidden in a cart pulled by a donkey, and packed with battered furniture, chairs, and pots. He was bound for Trieste, and then to England, to bring the artifact to Stephen Strange. Sir Nicholas Fury sent Blind Matthew and Natasha to meet him, and protect him for the rest of his journey, on behalf of the Queen. But Natasha was really working for Count Otto von Doom, and he wants the artifact. Natasha pushed Matthew off of a bridge, and met the Old Man, and when she confirmed that he had the artifact, she had him shot with crossbow bolts. He did not die, but was taken prisoner to Doom's castle, along with Matthew. Donal used a glowing golden sphere to distract Doom from the real treasure, and Strange came to visit him in spirit form, to tell him that he is working to get him freed. The Thing in the dungeon begins banging against it's walls, causing Matthew's and Donal's chains to come loose from the wall, so Matthew grabs Donal, and leaps out the window, jumping from outcropping, to flagpole, to tapestry, and lands them both safely in the courtyard outside. Donal goes to the cart, and retrieves his stick, which was the real artifact. It had been brought to Jerusalem by the Norsemen 800 years earlier. As the guards approach, Donal slams the stick to the ground, which brings a blinding flash of lightning. The Four from the Fantastik are freed from Doom's dungeons, and look up into the sudden rainstorm and see Thor holding the Witchbreed's ship, carrying it down safely. He tells them that he is Thor of the Thunders. After the battle, Thor transforms back to Donal. Donal then tells them that pilgrims brought the staff to Jerusalem from the Northlands, when the days of the old gods were done. 200 years later, Hugh de Payns discovered it beneath the Temple. Donal then tells them that it was a mighty secret, for if it was revealed the other gods walked the Earth, it might bring down the Church, but he enjoyed being Thor, and fells that he is damned for it. Donal then proceeds to get drunk, going on about how the secret he had could bring down Popes and Kings. They discover that they need Thor to harness the lightning to fix the rip in time, but Donal doesn't want to do it. He's afraid that Thor would never want to turn back into him, but Susan asks him to let Thor decide. Donal then changes to Thor, and asks what they want him to do. He channels the lightning into the anomaly, just as Fury is carrying Captain America back through it. Thor then tells them that he will return to Asgard, where is father Wotan will advise both him and Donal, and he cannot be happy while he hears him screaming.

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