Quote1 Raise your glasses, to Skurge the Executioner! Quote2
-- Thor Odinson

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In Asgard, Balder remembers a poem, by a terrible poet, named Skurge. But the memory of the man doesn't sit right with him. A round man with a gift for verse and a taste for mead and maidens, and the jolliest soul he had ever met. Thor greets him, and tells him that he is mistaken, for Skurge was a friend of Odin and a cobbler, and as children, they would go running through his shop, and he died long before any of them were old enough to hold a sword. Sensing sorcery, Thor confronts Loki. Loki wants to know why he would having trouble recalling Skurge, the old woman that lived by the Well of Urd? Loki casts a spell, sifting through all three of their memories, and figure the only place to find answers is Hel. They traverse there, and find the Bloodaxe, and seem to know that it belonged to Skurge, but they don't remember him as a warrior. Hela arrives and is furious that they trespass in her domain, only to discover that she has only vague memories of Skurge as well. Thor vows to find the answer, and they head towards Gjallerbru.

Once across the bridge, things appear different. All three of them are different, and Thor recalls Loki being a woman a moment earlier. But they soon discover that they are in Svartalfheim, home of the Dark Elves, and they are not happy to see trespassers. They are attacked by the Elves, and with a mighty blow of Mjolnir...

They are in Jotunheim being attacked by a Storm Giant. They defeat the Giant, and Loki notices where they are now, at Yggdrasil. They see Amora the Enchantress casting spells around the World Tree, trying to call Skurge back from the dead. She doesn't care if she destroys the Nine Worlds in the process, she only desires to have her love back with her. Loki decides he wants to help her.

Reality shifts again, and things are more or less back to the way they should be. Loki, being the trickster she is, switches places with Thor, which gets him close enough to Yggdrasil to try and stop Amora. Thor convinces her that she's wrong to do this, that killing the Nine Worlds to bring him back dishonors him. She never really intended to destroy everything, but it's too late, Skurge is coming back. There's only one way to stop it, Thor must kill Skurge again. He swings the Bloodaxe again and again at Yggdrasil, ending his return and saving the Worlds.

Back in Asgard, Thor, Loki, and Balder and all the other Asgardians raise a toast to Skurge the Executioner, finally fulfilling their promise to him so long ago.[1]

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