Quote1 As you have often said... life, love, truth, and reality are all different forms of madness! Since we have already failed in our attempts to control them... maybe we should just learn to enjoy them while we still can! Quote2
-- Ellene Gorko

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The Corps arrives in Elsewhen, meeting Kargul and Ellene. Meanwhile, Salla bega Demonstaff to spare Dargo's life. He becomes intent on proving to Salla that Dargo wouldn't sacrifice himself for her. Ellene reveals that Hallan was "no longer quite human" after the accident and that she convinced Dunbar to continue the work in hopes of finding a cure. Demonstaff appears and demands Dargo accompany him, to save Salla's life. Dargo agrees, transforming to normal. Demonstaff offers riches and power if he'll abandon Salla, but he refuses. The others arrive. Bill shatters Demonstaff's staff. The Corps fight to heal the dimensional rifts. Ellene transports over, telling Demonstaff that the Dimensionizer never works and that the power resides within him. She asks him to prevent the multiverse collapse. Demonstaff joins himself with the Corps' hammers, healing the rifts and seniding the heroes to their appropriate timeinnes. Later, Warlord Kargul exiles Demonstaff, restored to normal by the power discharge, to an empty dimension, but Ellene joins him to share his fate, their love now rekindled.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • The real Thor joins the rest of the Thor Corps in the conclusion to the wildest limited series of them all! Dargo, Beta Ray Bill and Thunderstrike are in dire need of Thor's help when they try to stop the dimension shattering menace of Demonstaff.


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