Quote1 Uh... guys... there's and old cliche about not being in Kansas' that's too corny for even me to use, but it seems like we've landed smack in the middle of World War II! Quote2
-- Thunderstrike (Eric Masterson)

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  • U.S. Destroyer

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Cavemen suddenly appear in the lobby of Adcore, an advertising agency conglomerate in the year 2593 AD. Dargo Ktor fights them as Thor until they suddenly disappear. On the building's penthouse level, Demonstaff, Dargo's arch-enemy, threatens Dunbar into opening a vault to retrieve the Dimensionizer. Thor intervenes until Demonstaff summons monsters with his staff and escapes. The monsters quickly fade and Dunbar explains Demonstaff now has the power to endanger all realities. Using a spy eye, Demonstaff tracks Thor, learning his secret identity. He kidnaps Salla, in order to force Dargo to save Ellene, whom h e has found. He also claims Dunbar sabotaged his original experiment. To aid Dargo, Demonstaff plucks Beta Ray Bill and Thunderstrike out of the timestream. However, other-dimensional warlord Kargul, with Ellene by his side, disrupts Demonstaff's plans by sending the Thor Corps to 1942, right into the Invader's path.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • The eagerly-awaited Thor Corps premieres! Dargo recruits the rest of the Corps to battle his greatest enemy, Demonstaff. But, the results of this confrontation may alter the timestream for all eternity. Dargo will count on help from Thunderstrike, Beta Ray Bill, and even Thor himself! The popular Tom DeFalco and Pat Oliffe have produced an adrenaline-charging new series. Check out Planet Studio's commemorative Thor pin!


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