Quote1 I merely gave a bit of advice, Thunder God, to an astute Argive prince I did happen to meet... a man after mine own heart, by name Odysseus. We call that which we did jointly create -- the wooden horse! Quote2
-- Loki

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Synopsis for "Thunder Over Troy!"Edit

While battling some Storm Giants, Thor and Loki discover the crack in the ground that once led to Olympus[1]. This time, strange mists rob Thor of his memory as he and Loki get seperated in the cavern. Once through, he meets Aeneas and finds himself involved in the Trojan War. After his adventures, and a battle with Zeus after regaining his memory, Thor returns to the cavern where he meets Loki. Loki tells him that he had lost his memory as well, but contributed to the war in his own way by telling Odysseus about a horse.


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