Quote1 Your words... ring of truth. Henceforth my blade shall taste no blood, nor be raised till the day far distant of which father Odin spoke. But I shall spend the long hours of eternity alone upon my farm in silent meditation of the love I have lost and the blood I have spilled. Quote2
-- Vidar

Appearing in "The Blood of Dawn!"Edit

Main Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Horvald (First appearance)
  • Grolf (First appearance)
  • Aslak (First appearance)
  • Hakon (First appearance)
  • Otny (First appearance)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "The Blood of Dawn!"Edit

Horvald, Grolf and Aslak, three Storm Giants, wander drunkenly through the borderland between Asgard and Jotunheim and stumble across Vidar's farmhouse. They slay his wife Solveig. Horvald claims her golden belt as a prize. Discovering his wife's body, Vidar travels to Asgard to ask Odin to help avenge her death. Odin assigns Thor and blind Hoder to accompany him. Back at Horvald's castle, his mistreated wife Thrunhild spies the golden belt and wears it while Horvald slumbers drunkenly. As the heroes travel, Vidar becomes convinced that the Asgardians care little for his plight and leaves the others behind to seek vengeance alone. At dawn, he discovers Thrunhild outside the castle, and, seeing the belt around her waist, slays her. The giants discover Vidar on their land and take him prisoner. Vidar realizes that they are his wife's killers and that he has slain an innocent. Thor and Hoder arrive, rescuing Vidar from the Giants' torture chamber. Before Vidar can execute the Giants, Thor reminds him that he's already shed innocent blood in revenge for Solveig's loss. Giving up vengeance, Vidar returns to his farmland, wherein he receives a blessing of peace from Odin.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • Introducing the half-brother that Thor never knew he had! His name is Vidar, and he needs the help of the thunder god to avenge the murder of his wife - no easy task when the murderers are storm giants! Can Thor do it? And what will happen if he can't? Written by Alan Zelenetz, with art by a special, suprise art team!


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