Quote1 I am Thor, son of Odin, god of thunder. In all of creation -- in all of un-creation -- I require but one small thing to triumph over any odds...hope. Quote2

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Synopsis for "The Deviants Saga, Part 5"Edit

As Thor and Phastos return to Lemuria, Kro has unlocked the Unbinding Stone and waves of unreality begin washing across Lemuria spreading outwards threatening to engulf the world. Phastos then tells Thor what his plan was all along, to use the Vibranium to neutralize the Unbinding Stone. Thor takes the Vibranium and fights his way to the Stone, undoing the awesome weapon. After his return, Ghaur and Ereshkigal are gone leaving Kro as the leader. He tells Thor and the others that they are free to go, except for Ransak. He is the only Deviant that is still fertile and his stable genetic stock is needed to repopulate the Deviant race. Thor tells Kro that he cannot keep Ransak and as they begin to battle, Phastos volunteers to stay behind and help the Deviants. After leaving Lemuria and returning to Olympia, Thor tells Virako what all happened. Just then, the Uni-Mind returns from space and the Eternals separate. Ikaris greets Thor and tells him of their decision to not have any contact with the outside world, either man or god, and asks Thor to honor their wishes. Upon leaving, Thor is concerned about why they would wish to cut themselves off so completely.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • • The Unbinding Stone...Unbound!

• Thor Vs. The Collapse Of Space And Time! • The Hidden Quest Of The Eternals Revealed!


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