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Fed up with the competition of the two blondes, Amora and Brunnhilda, in her quest to have Thor fall in love with her, Sif steals the Mirror of Mycha with the help of Loki. But after the spell is cast, Amora steals the mirror and uses it to make Thor love her.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • "Enchanted" 2 (of 3)

It was bad enough that Sif had to compete with Amora the Enchantress for Thor's affections. But with the arrival of the beautiful warrior exchange student, Brunnhilda, all bets are off. Fearing she can't compete with these blond bombshells, Sif teams with Loki to steal the Mirror of Mycha in an effort to magically win Thor's heart. But when Loki's involved, nothing ever goes according to plan...


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