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Thor, Balder, and Sif are resting by a pool, while Loki watches. He tries to cause more mischief, but fails. The three friends find their way to the Mines of Jennia to retrieve one of the jewels and are attacked by the Jennia, small creatures that feed on emotions. Loki is trapped too, but he is rescued by Karnilla, who has been watching them the whole time.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • "The Warriors Teen" pt 4 (of 6). As Thor, Sif and Balder continue their quest, emotions run high between the troubled teens, and the cracks in their friendship continue to widen. Now, they must make their way across the desert plains of Jennia, in search of one of the land's magic jewels, but little do they know what terrors await them beneath the shifting sands.


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