Quote1 Just because you can't save everyone, it doesn't mean you're a bad god. Sometimes you have to let the humans save themselves. Quote2
-- Jane Foster

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  • Bill
  • Fulton
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Synopsis for "Once Upon a Time in Midgard"Edit

After their trials with Gorr, young Thor is back in his own time, enjoying the company and the ale. Modern Thor is back on Earth, going through is regular routine when not with the Avengers. He visits an ale house that serves mead in the traditional way, he then goes to visit a convicted felon on death row, bringing him as a last meal an extremely rare fruit from an alien world. He walks with Fulton all the way to the execution chamber. He goes on to visit starving children, bringing seeds to some nuns and visiting a holy man on a remote mountaintop, spending time with disabled veterans, bringing rain to drought-stricken areas and sending shocking reminders to those who protest with hate, along with helping some fishermen bring in fantastic hauls. Later, he flies to the Helicarrier to attend the graduation ball for SHIELD cadets, invited by Rosalind Solomon to be her date. He spends the evening with her, dancing and ensuring the other women are jealous. The next day, he heads to Broxton to visit Jane only to learn that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Thor feels completely helpless and insists on doing anything he can, but she refuses and wants to handle things herself. Thor also meets Jane's current boyfriend Walter, who feels slightly jealous of the ex who just flew in from space on a magic hammer. She asks him if he is seeing anyone and he tells her about Rosalind. Thor promised Jane a beautiful sunset, so he takes her to the blue area of the moon to see the sun set behind the Earth. Later, Thor flies to Antarctica and goes about helping Rosalind in her work. In the future, All-Father Thor is happy to learn that the Bifrost is finally repaired, and heading to Earth, is not shocked to find it a wasteland.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • • THOR RETURNS TO MIDGARD! What does it mean to walk the Earth as a god?

• Where does Thor go and who does he see when he’s not out saving the world with the Avengers? • Also, the return of long-time love interest, Dr. Jane Foster.


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