Quote1 Thor... hear my prayer. Hear the prayer of Odin. Do not fall, my son. Be the savior of us all. Be the god of gods! Quote2
-- Odin

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Gorr has detonated his God Bomb, killing gods all throughout time, the past, present and the future. Thor the Avenger, with a Mjolnir in each hand, begins attacking the explosion itself and absorbing it. After successfully containing the explosion, he is also merged with Gorr's weapon. Being finally wielded by a true god, Thor also knows it's true name and history. Using the power of the blade, Thor blasts Gorr. Gorr is down, but he isn't defeated until he is confronted by his son, who tells him that it was Gorr who killed his mother, and not one of the gods. Gorr's son melts away revealing only a dagger, his son having never existed at all. Young Thor then takes Gorr's head, and Thor the Avenger falls, corrupted by the Sword. Three days later, he awakens in Asgard, having been purged by All-Father Thor. Going back to their own separate times, Thor the Avenger brings some of the surviving gods to the planet Indigarr, back to the little girl whose prayer he first heard.


This was an absolutely epic storyline and I've loved every second of it, from the artwork to the dialogue. I hope Jason Aaron stays on this title as I don't think it would be nearly as good with anyone else doing the writing.

Solicit Synopsis:

  • • The grand finale of the epic time-traveling saga of the God Butcher that began in issue #1.

• After the dust clears, what gods will be left?


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