Quote1 Gorr is dead. And in his place now stands... something I've been raised all my life to despise. Quote2
-- Gorr's son

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The three Thor's fall to the planets surface, totally beaten. As Gorr goes to activate his bomb, his wife tells him that she feels he is perfect and then calls him her god. Enraged, he kills her and barely hides the body before his son arrives. Walking off, his son sees his mothers hand sticking out of the sand. With the three granddaughters of Thor trapped, Gorr takes the young Thor and starts to use his blood to activate the bomb, while the other Thor is about to fall into the lava below. Gorr's son arrives and helps him up, telling him to kill his father. With two of the Thor's free, their hammers break free and fly to their hands, with Thor taking two, one for each hand. They begin hammering on the bomb, until it detonates.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • GODBOMB - Part Four of Five

• The penultimate chapter in the saga of the God Butcher. • Thus comes the final battle against Gorr, as three Thors lead an army of slave gods in the fight to save all of divinity. • But will it all be for the massive Godbomb is triggered at last...?


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